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Value-add. Easy to say, but hard to practice. From more than 30 years in IT-distrubution we have learned what it takes to be a "true" value-added distributor.

Ease of doing business ...

Our job as a distributor is to make it easy and attractive for our resellers to promote and sell products and solutions from the vendors we represent.

Nordic IT-distribution with a strong local presence

Based in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland SEC DATACOM is the leading value-add IT-distributor in the Nordic region. With a Single Point of Contact our vendors can benefit from our long term relations to a wide range of local resellers

Short facts
Our portfolio

We have a strong partnership with a wide range of leading IT-vendors within our main business areas:

  • Network
  • IT-security
  • Unified Communications
  • Server/Storage
  • IoT and M2M (machine to machine)


Strong position

The many years in the market have given us unique knowledge about IT-distribution and close relationships to the vendors we represent and our many resellers. Our healthy economy also allows us to continuously invest in more competencies and services to make a difference for our stakeholders.

  • Over 30 years in IT-distribution
  • More than 800 buying resellers
  • Turnover of EUR +150 million
  • More than 75 employees
  • Represented in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland


Board of directors
Lars Zinglersen
Chairman of the board and owner of SEC DATACOM
Telefon: +45 48 108 081
Troels Brock
Group CEO
Telefon: +45 48 108 022
Lena Gulliksen
Managing Director Sweden
Telefon: +46 73 366 06 15
Lasse Skovgaard Tellerup
Group CCO
Telefon: +45 48 108 023
Peter Fahoum
Group CFO
Telefon: +45 48 108 056
Errit Müller
Senior VP, It-security
Telefon: +45 48108021
My perception of Value Added Distribution is based from more than 25 years of experience working with leading IT-manufacturers.

Based on their products and solutions we have continuously invested in skills and services to strengthen the relationship to our resellers.

Last but not least - we shall always be easy to do business with!
- Lars Zinglersen, CEO -


SEC DATACOM are committed to conduct our business with the highest possible transparency, integrity and accountability. We encourage all our employees and other stakeholders to raise their voice and draw attention if they suspect serious irregularities in our business.

Below link will take you to our whistleblowing tool, an exclusive reporting channel for employees, customers, partners or other stakeholders. If you experience, discover or suspect irregularities in the conduct of business of SEC DATACOM, we ask you to report to us by using this tool. The tool is intended for serious irregularities, for example concerning violation of laws, discrimination and harassments, security flaws or danger to life and health.

All reporting can be done anonymously, if you don’t choose to reveal your identity. All reports will be treated confidentially, without risk for retribution.